Storage Drop Air Vessels System

StorageDrop developing a sophisticated air vessels system capable of storing high volumes at high pressures. Our vessels system are designed and installed by a collaboration with one of the biggest piping manufacturers in Israel (Avrot).

 Avrot Industries specializes in steel pipe linings and coatings designed for a variety of uses, including water transportation, seawater and sewage treatment, and gas and oil applications in the industrial and municipal sectors.


Energy Storage for 



Hydrop - Electricity Generation

StorageDrop’s market-disrupting Compressed Air Energy Storage system is capable of storing high volumes at high pressures, enabling high density of energy at low cost. Our second prototype storage system, developed in Israel, leverages a unique technology for converting energy stored in compressed air or water into electrical energy, compresses air using a water pump.

 This ground-breaking technology solution overcomes many of the drawbacks found in mid-size energy storage systems and provides the market’s most cost-effective storage volume for solar and wind farms.


Energy Storage System 

for Cooling Generation

CoolDrop - Cooling Generation

StorageDrop’s HVAC Thermal Energy Storage system features a patented cooling cycle that improves the performance coefficient. In addition, our system is capable of storing a natural gas mixture as cooling storage that may be deployed as a central air conditioning module in factories, skyscrapers, buildings, private houses, server farms and industrial refrigeration applications.


One of the existing solutions is ice storage air conditioning, which is the process of using ice for thermal energy storage. Replacing existing air conditioning systems with ice storage offers a cost-effective energy storage method, enabling surplus wind energy and other such intermittent energy sources to be stored for use in chilling at a later time, possibly months later.

However, in order to generate ice storage, it is required to use compressors in very low evaporating temperature, relative to the evaporating temperature with chilled water. Also, it is harder to control the chilling power when ice storage air conditioning is used.

Ice storage requires a large volume of insulated tanks which are expensive to build and maintain. In addition, ice storage is subjected to melting over time.

Advantages of our technology

The life span of our energy storage systems is over 30 years.

In Europe and in many other countries around the world, people prefer “natural materials” technologies that use water, air and natural refrigerants to power their plants.

Our energy storage systems are highly cost effective in relation to current technologies on the market.

Our energy storage systems are simple to operate and easy to maintain, lowering operational costs significantly.

Our energy storage systems are modular; the more vessels we add the more energy you get.

Our energy storage systems are built on the principle of high pressure drops; as such they are highly responsive.

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