Storage Drop Technologies

Making green energy available for All.


Storage Drop is a developer of advanced technology for renewable energy storage. We specialize in developing innovative solutions storage solutions, that bridge the gap between the availability of energy, from natural resources and the time that it is used.

Storage Drop’s cost-effective renewable energy storage systems, are designed to maximize profitability for solar and wind producers and HVAC applications.

As a company, we are pioneering an underground vessel designed for high pressures and large volumes. which will function as a storage volume for the following products:

  1. Compressed Air Energy Storage (HyDrop) for producing electricity in renewable energy installations such as photovoltaic (solar) fields, and
  2. HVAC Thermal Energy Storage (CoolDrop) for supplying cooling and air
    conditioning for buildings in both the business and private sectors.


Compressed Air Energy Storage system – HyDrop

StorageDrop’s high efficiency-low cost Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) is aimed at solar and wind energy producers looking to maximize profitability.

Compressed air technology has been available in the market for decades but until now has not been economically viable due to the use of compressors (during the charging phase) and the heating of the air (during the discharge phase). Storage Drop’s breakthrough first product – Compressed Air Energy Storage (HyDrop)  – uses a water piston instead of a metal piston to compress the air, resulting in an energy storage solution higher reliability and lower in cost compared to the competing products based on battery solutions – which currently range from $300-500 per kilowatt-hour.

At present, solar and wind energy producers sell the energy they produce at a low tariff. With StorageDrop’s Compressed Air Energy Storage system, solar and wind producers will be able to store their energy when the natural source is available and to sell the stored energy at a time when electricity tariffs are high.

Thermal Energy Storage system – CoolDrop

Storage Drop’s HVAC Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is the first of its kind in the world for environmentally friendly chilled storage.  Our proprietary system stores an environmentally friendly gas mixture, during low demand hours, by compressing the gas mixture into its tank and releasing the compressed gas at low pressure and generating cool air during peak demand for cooling and air conditioning. The result is a system that allows energy to be stored during low demand hours and released at peak energy tariffs. The system can connect to renewable or conventional sources and can operate without electricity (optimal as emergency system). Our CoolDrop system can be installed in office buildings, server farms, factories, shopping centers and commercial buildings to provide cooling and air conditioning at a lower cost than rivals. 

Offices: Giborei Israel 10 Netanya (Management).
               Eli  Horowitz 19 Rehovot (R&D).
Employees: 20 workers and service providers.

Storage Drop (2020) was founded after a split of SWAP Technologies (2015-2020), a start-up that developed CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage System).

Recently, Storage Drop completed the design of its energy storage systems for both electricity and cooling generation. In the coming months, the construction of the prototypes will be finalized and will be installed in the company’s facilities in Rehovot.  

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