StorageDrop is fully equipped with the infrastructure, equipment and the technical know-how required for efficient and successful performance of your project. We employ subcontractors to complement our in-house capabilities as required.

According to the work-plan, subcontractors participate in certain tasks; however, none of the tasks are fully subcontracted. The company may consider acquiring additional missing competences, such as regulatory, legal, financial, IP and business services, through partnerships or subcontracting.

All subcontractors are carefully selected using the best-value-for-money principles and hired after signing a Non- Disclosure Agreement. Subcontractors must prove compliance with standards. StorageDrop is developing two prototypes in Rehovot, Israel.

Main Milestones and projects by StorageDrop

Milestone and projects by StorageDrop

#1 2021    Innovative Vessels System

#2 2021    Energy Storage System for power generation

#3 2021    Energy Storage System for HVAC and refrigeration applications

Based on the experimental results of these prototypes. StorageDrop intends to construct two demonstration sites at commercial size

StorageDrop’s energy storage systems will be occupied with an advanced control system capable of adjusting the charge and discharge rate according to need. This enables our system to provide an optimal storage volume for solar and wind farms, at much lower prices than the market offers today.

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